Visual Reading Tutorials

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Visual Reading Tutorials

Visual Reading – What is it?

Visual Reading – How the application works

Visual Reading – How to Assign Images to Words

Visual Reading – Bring a Paper Book to Life

Bring a Paper Book to Life
Use the iPAD Camera to bring in content from paper or a book.

1. Using the iPAD photograph the artwork for each page.
2. Create your book in Visual Reader
3. Assign the page artwork from the iPAD photo library as your page cover
4. Type the page words.
5. Assign any related images afterwards from the page artwork.

Visual Reading – Add People & Commonly Used Words to Library

1. Select [Word to Image Library…] from home screen.
2. Add Word
3. Assign Image of Video to word from Camera or iPAD photo Library
4. Your word images will now be displayed as you type this words.

Visual Reading – Moods / Emotion – Express how you feel

Let the child express how they feel whilst using the application.

1. Select the smiley face on the top right of the screen.
2. Choose an emotion that reflects how you feel. :-)

Visual Reading – Activities / Events from the Child’s Environment

Use videos from your iPAD device to create books based on activities. Assign these videos to words such as, walking, running, singing, playing etc.

Visual Reading – The Magical Pet Shop – Built-in Book

1 of 7 built-in books.
The Magical Pet Shop – Introduction
The Magical Pet Shop – Alex’s Birthday
The Magical Pet Shop – The Flying Fish
The Magical Pet Shop – The Great Milk Race
Days of the Week

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