Changes / Fixes coming soon.

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We have received some positive feedback, along with helpful constructive suggestions to help make the app great!.

Here are some of the features that will be added very soon with updated versions of the app.

1. We will be doubling the size of the book words and images placed above them for new books.
2. On book pages that don’t have page artwork we will display the full narrative and images in the middle of the screen, rather than at the bottom.
3. Add the ability to record your own audio narrative per book page.
4. Add the ability to record your own voice for any word.

Fixes being worked on to be released in an updated versions:

1. Issue with HD images taken using the camera crashing the application.
(If this is happening now, please delete that image from the Image to Word library or the book if the issue persists)

2. Book scrolling page becoming sticky with lots of books.
(At present some of these images are taken in high definition which adds to load times)

We are evolving the app as we move along and listen to your feedback.

Kind Regards
Ian Jones :-)